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Note: We offer FREE home delivery all over Lahore. Order at least 2 days before you want them.

We love to make cakes for all occasions whether it be birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or corporate events. We offer a beautiful selection of decorated, personalized celebration cakes for any occasion. Each cake is designed and decorated to your specifications and any design detail or color can be adapted to compliment your party theme and can be made in single or multiple tiers.

Let’s keep this simple.

3D cakes: Rs 1200 per pound. Fondant finishing. Artistic craftsmanship is generously employed. You need to order at least a 3-pound cake. So our 3D Cakes start from Rs 3,600. See our growing collection of 3D Cakes by clicking here (you can order them immediately) or you can discuss a custom design. We encourage you to be as creative as possible! 🙂

Cupcakes: One can really get creative with cupcakes. We charge Rs 160 per cupcake. Minimum order is 15 cupcakes  (although ordering 2 dozen sounds smarter). Cupcakes start from 2,400 (for 15 cupcakes). See our gallery here (to order immediately) or talk to us for custom designs.

Packing: We deal with all kinds of weights, sizes and shapes of cakes, so we don’t have cake boxes for all such customized cakes. Some cakes go in boxes while other are neatly packed in transparent packing or net or sometimes if the packing paper is feared to spoil the detailing, we don’t pack such sculpted cakes then, so please don’t ask the delivery boy about packing details.

Let me repeat this again, we weigh our cake with all it’s details and designing.

This is worth repeating: FREE Home Delivery all across Lahore. And also, we bake everything FRESH, so please order at least 2 days before the delivery date.

Thank you and hope we have help you celebrate!